Urban Aeries

We're happy to announce that Melissa McDonnell, M.Arch '11, Rice University (in partnership with Animal Architecture's Ned Dodington) has won a prestigious RDA (Rice Design Alliance) Houston Initiatives Grant for a very cool project. The project is titled “Urban Aeries” and aims to design urban roosting habitats for Houston's migratory bird population.

Insect Art

More insect art comes to us this time through DeZeen Magazine. The images below show the work of…

Bee Sculptures

Simon Delobel from the Verbeke Foundation, (NL) recently wrote in to alert us to the works of Jef Faes. Jef Faes is a Belgian artist working in a particularly interesting medium -- bee hives.

One Year!

A year ago we posted our first entry on Animal Architecture and took on the mission to bring…

Critical Ecologies Update

More information from Harvard GSD about the upcoming Critical Ecologies symposium on April 2nd and 3rd. Click the above image to download the poster! Stay tuned as Animal Architecture will be posting content and commentary throughout the event.

Vertical Farming Debated

This is something of an old debate (we posted on this same article in July), and also something of an old post. But the link is still getting comments so we thought we'd post it here in case anyone wants to jump back into duking it out over vertical gardens.

Macaws Deserve good Design Too

This just in from one of our readers and dear friends. The Architecture firm of Enric Batlle and Joan Roig has constructed new cages for the Macaw population in Barcellona's Parc de la Ciutadella

Zoosphere Revisited

Animal Architecture was present at the opening reception of Allison Hunter's Zoosphere this last Friday and we have to say that we were quite moved and impressed by the show. Allison has created an ethereal environment where animals, some projected large, some diminished, emerge out of the dark and enchant us.

The Wilding; Part 2

Bone has physically, conceptually, and metaphorically been associated with built structures throughout the history of architecture. Its use in common discourse is still pervasive today and critics, jurors, and architects will discuss the “skeleton” of the building.

“The deepest issue in the green movement”

Two days ago we responded to a post on Treehugger titled "Is genetically engineering animals to not feel pain really the solution to factory farming?" Treehugger in turn was responding to an op-ed piece in the New York Times. Our response both here on Animal Architecture and on Treehugger

Victimless Meat

A very interesting post on Treehugger is sure to spark some heated debate. Treehugger editor Matthew McDermott has…

David Bowen

We’ve just discovered (Via vegitecture) what may be, to our eyes, the most exciting plant-art artist around. David Bowen’s growth…


As a guided missile, pointed in a wayward direction, Reiser and Umemoto continue, perhaps despite themselves to land on animism -- bony, trabecular animism. And maybe it’s no surprise.

Poly-Lawn-Dale Opening

We're happy to announce that Poly-Lawn-Dale opened up to great success this past Friday! Many friends of Animal Architecture were present and we thank you all for your support and commitment to the project. For those of you in the Houston area who may have missed the opening, the show will be running for 6 weeks...

Poly_Lawn_Dale: Update 3

Poly-Lawn-Dale, by Ned Dodington at Lawndale Art Center, Houston Tx, Opening Reception Friday, January 22, 2010 from 6:30–8:30 PM, Artist Talks at 6 PM