One Year!

A year ago we posted our first entry on Animal Architecture and took on the mission to bring you current and cutting edge commentary on all things mutually biologically and architecturally inspired. It’s a big world of information out there with an overwhelming number of exciting products, projects and ideas. We’ve tried our best to bring them the attention and credit that they deserve but giving even a fraction of the work due justice is an impossible task. However, it has been our pleasure to have attempted. Overall, we’re honored to have contributed to what we feel is a burgeoning field of design theory and practice and we’ll promise to keep it up!

So, since that day in April last year, we’ve grown our readership to an average of over 90 visits a day, 1,500 visits a month and a total readership of well over 13,000 visits. We’ve even started to make  a little money at this…who knew! We currently have nearly 100 posts on the site with several dozen comments and emails. Our readers come from all over the globe and apparently we’re just as popular in Paris as we are in New Jersey. Our biggest hubs remain almost evenly divided across the three coasts, with New York, California and Texas being the home states to the majority of our fans. We’ve assisted at least two graduate students (both foreign) on their independent research projects and have covered several symposiums, art openings, individual artists, and events, sometimes to the exclusion of any other source.

We’ve been hacked, lauded, criticized, argued and footnoted and will continue to be.

But perhaps more than anything else we’ve had the immense pleasure of watching the content of the site grow and diversify while still sticking to the mission of providing only the best commentary on biologically derived form-making on the web. And if you thought that was good — just wait for next year!

Thanks so much,

Ned and Jon

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  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I look forward to reading and visiting your site every day.

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