JDS Zoo in South Korea

JDS Architects have unveiled the design of a sustainable zoo they’re proposing to be built on the South Korean island of Dochodo.


Another zoo comes to us from Fast Company via Inhabitat. The zoo by JDS Architects outlines a “fully self-sustaining complex of zoological and eco-tourism buildings on the remote island of Dochodo, South Korea.  A few features of the project strike us as equally well thought as well as absurd. But first from Fast Company:

JDS Architects have unveiled the design of a sustainable zoo they’re proposing to be built on the South Korean island of Dochodo. The architecture would serve as a tourist region where nature and structures function in equilibrium. The landscape is ideal for such a development, as it features natural peaks and valleys that could house animals and be treated as nature reserves. The proposed development would have a low ecological impact. The development will be based on zero-emission transport systems and harvest renewable energy for other power needs. Rainwater will be collected and all waste would either be reused or composted for use as biofuel and fertilizer.

The eco-friendiness of the project, inhabitat correctly points out is rendered null and void by the simple un-green reality of new-construction on a previously un-developed and unreachable site.  But, we suppose it’s the thought that counts…

As for the design, we’re only shown images of the Aviary, a quasi-dodecahedral form which, though we’re not sure works especially well for birds, does seem to allow for the types of environmental difference and continuity we would like to see in an aviary. One can imagine that with time the birds would fill-in and shape the interior environment to their own taste while still allowing people to walk in and around their environment. We would hope this type of freedom of design and freedom from design (depending on who’s perspective one takes, avian or human) would be continued throughout the park.





All images courtesy of JDS architects. Map courtesy of Google Maps.

  1. I checked the architect’s website, and JDS Architects is a mere small-town firm whose proudest achievement appears to be a carwash.

    1. Not quite sure which JDS Architects you’re looking at, but Julien De Smedt Architects is no small-town firm, regardless of the number of projects they’ve completed.

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