Insect Art

More insect art comes to us this time through DeZeen Magazine. The images below show the work of Eindhoven designers Edhv who have created a series of posters by tracking the movements of insects. The process isn’t exactly spelled out for us on DeZeen but it does seem that the insets are placed inside a white maze which is then video’d from above. Specially scripted software tracks the paths of the bugs as they move around the maze and a printer completes the job. Fascinating. What we love about it is the combination of planned and unplanned activity. Indeed it seems to be a very close portrayal of chaos theory, where the bounds of the artwork are completely prescribed (the bug cannot leave the maze) but the end result is completely unique and unplanned. Truly lovely. Moreover this kind of work –  the work of artfully observing nature – is getting close to the type of bio-design that has some real practicality and bio-logic to it. It is not mere bio-formalism.  You can find out more about the process and the design firm here. If you know where we can purchase one for the library (er, living room) give us a shout.

Images credit: Edhv via

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