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The time has come for Animal Architecture to expand. That’s right, we’re movin’ on up and we need your help. Animal Architecture is now offering introductory advertising rates through June 2010. If you have an ecologically sensitive product that needs further exposure to the world, let us help you get the message out. Animal Architecture reached over 1,500 people a month from all over the world and chances are these are some of the most green-aware people on the planet.

Advertising dollars will go towards paying our part-time contributors, guaranteeing that you (the reader) continue to get the cutting-edge Animal Architecture news and commentary that you’ve come to expect. Rates start at $80.00 a month email for more information.

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BRKT2 Book Launch @ ARCH

Bracket 2 examines physical and virtual soft systems, as they pertain to infrastructure, ecologies, landscapes, environments, and networks. In an era of declared crises—economic, ecological and climatic, amongst others—the notion of soft systems has gained increasing traction as a counterpoint to permanent, static and hard systems.
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Animal Architecture in the NY Times

“Nobody is talking about the animals that exist around our cities,” said Ned Dodington, a Rice University architecture graduate who, with a fellow alumnus, Jon LaRocca, conceived the competition as the next progression in the sustainability trend.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee, an experimental video by artist Allison Hunter, explores the fascinating nature, fragility, and study of the Western honey bee using a combination of live and computer-constructed 3D footage. Hunter is known for photography and video that make people think about how they perceive and respond to elements of the world...
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Synanthropic Habitats

Synanthropic Habitats propose scenarios where animals and humans live closely together in cross-species cities or abodes - they are the projects that most often come to mind when one thinks of Animal Architecture.