The Multispecies Metropolis

We are very pleased to share with you an upcoming event in the Multi/Poly-species space. Richard Fadock, Mellon Postdoctoral fellow of the Wolf Humanities Center at the University of Pennsylvania has crafted, instructed, organized and gathered one of the most profoundly interesting courses on multi-species engagement that we have yet seen. More on the specific course, its curriculum, syllabus and hopefully work from the students to come. But more importantly, please take special attention to an upcoming event to showcase the excellent work of the semester below. We hope you’ll make it a point to attend!

What: The Multispecies Metropolis, featuring post-humanist and/or multi-species design explorations by the students of SPACE/POWER/SPECIES; lead by Richard Fadok.

When: May 4th, 2023 4:00 – 7:00pm

Where: The University of Pennsylvania’s Meyerson Hall, 210 S. 34th Street.

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