Waterfall Skyscraper Zoo


We feel that we’re a fairly adventurous group, but every now and then we come across a project whose sheer braggadocio and outlandishness defies all commentary.

From Inhabitat:

Costanera Sur is a proposal for a vertical zoo in Buenos Aires that transforms a pile of rubble into a towering pillar of falling water. Designed by Visiondivision, the project aims to reclaim debris left over from the construction of Buenos Aires’ decades-old highways, is entirely self-sufficient, and could theoretically provide water and energy to surrounding structures.

A towering pillar of falling water? Animals running wild in a diagrid water-purifier skyscraper? We don’t know where to begin. Maybe our readers can help us with this one. Watch out Lion!





  1. wonderful concept…..but the location needs to be defined as it may be situated below an existing waterfall. or a stream diverted to get the water to save energy.

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