2012 Awards: URBAN ANIMAL

URBAN ANIMAL; The 2012 Animal Architecture Awards. Animal Architecture wants your ideas about how synanthropic design can reshape, expand and redefine the context of urban thought and space.

Urban areas are quickly becoming the densest concentrations of human life on the planet and with that comes the well documented positive and negative impacts to local biodiversity and ecologies. But humans are not the only urban animals – squirrels, pigeons, mice, rats, crows, raccoons, beetles etc… are all species identified as synanthropes – animals that “live near, and benefit from, an association with humans and the somewhat artificial habitats that humans create around them.” These are highly-urbanized non-human animals and our potential design partners. Expanded hetero-cultures, urban agriculture, and a flexible, more resilient urbanism are all potential benefits of cross species collaborations. What other benefits exist?

SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT Animal Architecture wants your ideas about how synanthropic design can reshape, expand and redefine the context of urban thought and space. Submissions can include past work, current research and built or unbuilt projects. Projects should focus on solving, addressing or proposing urban issues and must actively incorporate at least one, if not more non-human design partners. Winning entries will be announced mid summer 2012 and will be eligible for publication and exhibition. Details to follow.

Register: May 13th 2012 Registration has Closed. Please contact AnimalArchitecture for further questions.
Submissions: June 11th 2012
Cost: $35.00 USD for currently enrolled students, $100.00 for Professionals.

Ned Dodington
Director, Animal Architecture
Simone Ferracina
2012 An.Arch Awards Laureate
Fritz Haeg
Christopher Hight
Assoc. Professor, Rice University RSA
Jonathan LaRocca
Editor, Animal Architecture
Kate Orff
Asst. Professor, Columbia GSAPP
Founder of SCAPE
Susan S. Szenasy
Editor in Chief, Metropolis Magazine

Project submissions must conform to the following guidelines:
1) After registration all individuals and teams will be given access to a DROPBOX folders for project upload.
2) All submissions must be made digitally.
3) PLEASE correctly mark ALL of your material with names and titles.
4) Selected projects will be required to reformat presentation material into a 2′ x 4′ presentation pdf.

Submission requirements:
1) A maximum of 10 jpg images no greater than 2MB each with the largest dimension not to exceed 2500 px.
2) 250 word maximum abstract (.doc file).
5) 750 word maximum project description (.doc file).
6) Be sure that images are properly keyed, labeled or indexed for reference if/when necessary.
7) Keep in mind that should your project be selected we will ask you to provide higher resolution versions of some or all of your images.

Winning projects will be eligible for digital and print publication as well as inclusion in an exhibtion. Winning entries from last year’s An.Arch. Awards were published online in Wired.co.uk, the New York Times, BLDGBLOG, and Der Spiegel.de and in print Ming Magazine and Content Mag. Winning projects were exhibited in at the Architecture Center Houston, and Caroline Collective.


  1. Hello,

    Will more information be provided about the competition before the registration deadline? I would like to know more about the submission requirements (digital or printed and mailed) , project ownership, and some clarification on being ‘eligible for publication and exhibition’ before I pay a fee to participate.

    Thanks for clarifying!


    1. Sara,

      I would be happy to provide more information about the competition. Check back on the site within the next day.

      Thanks for the question.


  2. Dear all,

    I just read your interesting call for applications.
    What could not find, was some information if this reward includes also a`financial`aspect for the rewarded.
    As you charge quite a considerable fee from a lot of applicants, I need to know about that,
    to decide whether I would like participate.
    Thank you and regards from Germany

    Juliane Stiegele

    1. Juliane,

      At this time there is no financial reward for the winning projects of the Animal Architecture Awards. Currently, as the competition text explains, we can assure a wide range of exposure in various media outlets and inclusion in web and print material. We eagerly await the day when the competition can afford to offer an financial reward to the winning contestants! Participate this year and you will help us to achieve that goal.


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