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We’d like to invite you to become a guest contributor to The Expanded Environment. Click for more info.

It’s that time again. The Expanded Environment has crossed another milestone in readership and we need your help. Are you interested in both biology and architecture? Do you have a passion for sustainability and eco-sensitive design but feel that too often too much of the current “green-washing” misses the point? Do you already follow up-to-the-minute developments in architecture, art, culture and design? If “yes” to all of the above then we’d like to invite you to become a Guest Contributor to The Expanded Environment.

The Expanded Environment is seeking interested and excited individuals to apply for Guest Contributor positions starting immediately. Please send a cover-letter expressing why you think you’d be good for the job, your CV and a brief writing sample to We will respond to all inquiries.

Thanks for your help!

Ned Dodington, Founder / Director
The Expanded Environment

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  1. Dear Ned,

    Hello. How are you? I would like to discuss your PURCH project; I am putting together a few projects about animal shelters for the Sept./Oct. issue of Texas Architect magazine, and I would like to speak to you about PURCH. Please send me an email with a convenient time to speak on the phone early next week.

    Many thanks,

    Catherine Gavin
    Editor, Texas Architect
    Direct 512 615 7770

    Texas Society of Architects
    The Voice for Texas Architecture
    500 Chicon Street
    Austin Texas 78702
    tel 512 478 7386
    fax 512 478 0528

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