Weather Sites

Selected weather sites that stand out for their accuracy, visual techniques and levelheadedness.

In the last few days we’ve had more time than usual to reacquaint ourselves with weather websites. Admittedly, we were pretty well glued to our local news but in the process we came across a few sites that stood out. We thought we’d share the best of our discoveries here: – An amazing visual tool of global environmental systems. Would make a beautiful screen saver. It redefines “watching the weather.” – An obvious leader in reliable and concise weather information. It’s like the OED for weather sites. – Our local favorite and standby for reliable forecasts minus the hysterics.



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“Nobody is talking about the animals that exist around our cities,” said Ned Dodington, a Rice University architecture graduate who, with a fellow alumnus, Jon LaRocca, conceived the competition as the next progression in the sustainability trend.

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Climate change is here. Temperature increases have led to droughts, famine, floods, displacement of thousands of people, and the rapid decline of many ecosystems. For the competition, participants will design an act of protest centered on climate change.

On-Site Artist Projects at Russ Pitman Park

Utilizing a variety of source materials- earth/organic, signage, and environmentally friendly technology- artists will make scientific investigations, explorations, and historical references through installations and time-based events...