Top 10: Best Architecture of Pets


This was just brought to our attention and looks to be very interesting. It seems that there is growing mass of architects and designers interested in the spaces of other animals. Hopefully we can all learn something from these alter-architectural experiments. We will be commenting on these projects for the next few days so stay tuned for further discussion. Thanks to the Architect’s Journal for the tip-off!

Click here or on the image above to check out the post on the Architect’s Journal.

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Animal House

Animal House is an ideas-based competition in which entrants are asked to design a ‘house’ for a domestic animal of their choice. The program’s intent is for each participant to develop a contemporary shelter design addressing spatial requirements of non-human species in a fresh & appealing way.

Engineered Biotopes

An interesting project came to our attention via Bustler recently and is certainly worth checking out. The project is titled Engineered Biotopes and was developed by London-based teammates Anthi Grapsa and Konstantinos Chalaris.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee, an experimental video by artist Allison Hunter, explores the fascinating nature, fragility, and study of the Western honey bee using a combination of live and computer-constructed 3D footage. Hunter is known for photography and video that make people think about how they perceive and respond to elements of the world...

Dragonfly Vertical Farm

        The latest concept design from Vincent Callebaut Architects, situated on the Southern bank of Roosevelt Island in New…