SXSW ECO 2014 Kicked off on October 5th. Check out the following links for the impressive whirlwind schedule of speakers and events. We welcome commentary, interviews, tips, follow-ups and other links from event participants.

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Interview: Prosthetic Lizard Homes

I have always been inspired by the resilient and often rebellious way that other species interact with and adapt to our human built environments and (in our general arrogance) our under-estimation of the potential of inter-species collaboration and co-habitation. This to me has always been a territory which warrants further exploration.
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Rising Currents

As the East Coast continues to recover from Sandy we are reminded of Rising Currents, an exhibition of several high-caliber projects actively mining local NYC ecology to save the city in the event of rising sea levels.


Well it finally happened. Animal Architecture was viciously hacked a few weeks back and this weekend, as we…
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Gulf Coast Bioneers

We are happy and excited to announce The Expanded Environment’s participation in this year’s Gulf Coast Bioneers Conference.…