Interactive Fish Display


This comes to us from Natalie Jeremijenko, one of the foremost Animal Architecture thinkers and developers. In fact we’ve already mentioned a version of this piece in a previous post and now with a new rendering and more detailed description we feel it’s fair to post it again. We’d forgotten, or maybe weren’t clued in the first time, to the fish-texting aspect. Totally cool. For more on the project click here. For more on Natalie and her animal projects, specifically the Environmental Health Clinic click here.


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Ready, Willing and Able

The Expanded Environment is now for offering our professional services to the public. We welcome collaborations, development opportunities, public outreach and good-old work for hire.
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The other things...I invite you to imagine a world where one species’ living habits and environment does not infringe detrimentally on the habitat of another’s. Where, in fact a habitat, a building, a home, a house, a city, can be mutually beneficial to many species.
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Follow-up: Interview with Rona Binay

Recently our founder and editor Ned Dodington was able to catch-up with Rona Binay, a young designer working in New York and the author of the previously posted project "Coexist." She was generous enough to share some of her thoughts with him. Here's what they discussed.

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