Dallas Urban Farming Block


We posted on an entry to this competition a few weeks back and here’s the winner. We’ll briefly post the project here for now and follow up with more in-depth commentary soon (we both have full-time jobs after-all). Our first impression though is one of optimistic scepticism. We’d love to love this project, but have our doubts…

From the inhabitat site where you can check out more pics and information:

…the XERO Project, [is] an incredible plan to connect the city of Dallas with greenways while bringing local agriculture, public orchards, community gardens, private planter boxes, and food stalls into the city. The project recently took first place in the Re:Vision Dallas design competition, and is focused around an energy efficient building that will include a rainwater collection system, solar panels and planted screens that will produce onsite energy and food.

More information and commentary from Animal/Architecture to follow soon.

Bustler has posted on all three winning entries here:


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