2012 in Review

2012 was a big year for Animal Architecture. The 2012 Urban Animal Awards were announced – our biggest and most exciting competition to-date; Travis San-Pedro developed an excellent history of the Zoo, and over-all site traffic and visitors to the website has steadily increased. Thanks to all of the readers out there – we’ve been going at this for almost 4 years now and we could not have done it without you!

Here’s a quick look-back at some of the best content on Animal Architecture in 2012:


2012 Animal Architecture Awards:


Scaffolding City:

Dodington 1_TowerGroupweb

Rising Currents:


PURCH at Russ Pitman Park:

PURCH Installed_Bests0013_websized

Hive City:


History of the Zoo:

In the Menagerie_Meyerheim_small


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Zoo: A Brief History Part 1

The history of the zoo is both expansive and detailed, present in some form at almost all times in human society. It is no surprise then that the story of zoos can reflect larger trends in humanist and extra-humanist thought. In that light, we are happy to present for your reading enjoyment a series of posts about zoos throughout the ages.

Hive City

Recently our friend and compatriot in animal architecture endeavors, Joyce Hwang at SUNY Buffalo, announced the second stage of Hive…
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Follow-up: Interview with Rona Binay

Recently our founder and editor Ned Dodington was able to catch-up with Rona Binay, a young designer working in New York and the author of the previously posted project "Coexist." She was generous enough to share some of her thoughts with him. Here's what they discussed.
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On Resiliency; Part 2

Previously, I had outlined thoughts about current happenings and the implications of resilience to enframe not only human but non-human subjectivity into a state-sanctioned political apparatus. I’m interested to add two other voices to this discussion - Timothy Morton and Tim Ingold.