Witold Rybczynski on Green Cities.


This is one of the smartest entries on sustaiable urban growth we’ve ever read. Check it out. It’s not that long and it’s from Witold!


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In response to the International Ideas Competition for the Bering Strait, Lateral Office‘s Mason White and Lola Sheppard…
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Architecture’s Next Companion Species

Animal Architecture founder and editor Edward (Ned) Dodington has recently been selected to present current research on the role and importance of extra-human collaboration in architectural practice at the 101 ACSA conference (March 21-24, 2013, San Francisco).
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What was lost along with the disappearance of animal life in urban centers? Clearly there were problems with the 18th and 19th century modes of urban animal life but surely there were benefits. How can we learn from past periods of beastly cohabitation? I think it would makes us all the more human.