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Animal House

Animal House is an ideas-based competition in which entrants are asked to design a ‘house’ for a domestic animal of their choice. The program’s intent is for each participant to develop a contemporary shelter design addressing spatial requirements of non-human species in a fresh & appealing way.

Interview: Prosthetic Lizard Homes

I have always been inspired by the resilient and often rebellious way that other species interact with and adapt to our human built environments and (in our general arrogance) our under-estimation of the potential of inter-species collaboration and co-habitation. This to me has always been a territory which warrants further exploration.

Zoo: A Brief History Part 2

The "cabinets of curiosities", traveling displays of imperialism and private collection of the aristocracy remained the norm for the display of animal life until the second-half of the eighteenth-century, when the diversity of animals increased and fixed menageries began to appear...
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Intersections 2016

Intersections 2016 is a cross-disciplinary conference of quality of life, health, equity, development and environmental issues facing the growing Houston area. The goal is to foster synergistic thinking and collaboration by bringing different people together, and to demystify the mechanisms for creating sustainable change.