PURCH at RP Park

…a continuation of my work which in a broad sense is interested in using architecture and design to bridge “the species gap.” This endeavor sometimes takes the shape of forming connections, illustrating overlaps, and exposing inconsistencies in our anthropocentric world-view. Or, in the case of R.P Park, making bird feeders …


Positioned Urban Roosts for Civic Habitation
Opening: April 7th 6-8pm, Russ Pitman Park, Houston Texas

PURCH at RP Park is just one of several installations as part of:

It’s a Phase— On-Site Artist Projects at Russ Pitman Park
Curated by Divya Murthy
April 4th – May 13th 2012

This spring, multiple artists and “integrators” have been chosen to collaborate within the history, ecosystem and environmental structures of the lush 4- acre wooded Russ Pitman (RP) Park. Utilizing a variety of source materials, artists will make scientific investigations, explorations, and historical references through installations and time-based events. These on-site artists’ projects hope to highlight the process of collaboration, whether voluntary or involuntary, on all its participants- the artists, community, non- human organisms, and human visitors.

**Opening Reception April 7th from 6-8pm**
Barna Kantor will have a time-based installation from 7:45- 8:45pm

(Light bites and refreshments)

Lina Dib
Ned Dodington
Tobias Fike
Allison Hunter
Barna Kantor
Gabriel Martinez
Abinadi Meza
Emily Sloan
Annie Strader
Matthew Weedman
Curated by Divya Murthy
Russ Pitman Park and The Nature Discovery Center
7112 Newcastle Street, Bellaire, TX 77401
713.667.6550 • www.naturediscoverycenter.org

**After party from 9:30pm-12am at The Fairview, 315 Fairview St., Houston, 77006**

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