Pseudo Bony Architecture

It’s been a remarkably busy week in the animal architecture world. Bat houses, fish texting, and profound words on Green Cities to name only a few hot topics that have graced our rss feeds and comment streams (all forth coming posts). And then there’s that one thing, that one story that we can’t help but bring to light for its sheer and utter wrong-headedness. If there is any one thing that we here at Animal Architecture are fighting against it’s a bone rendering engine. We don’t even think it’s fair for us to comment on this any more… “you hit the morphogenesis button, and go primal?!!!?” We’re too young to be this disappointed.



For a better idea about what we mean by bony architecture check out this link at

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Gulf Coast Bioneers

We are happy and excited to announce The Expanded Environment’s participation in this year’s Gulf Coast Bioneers Conference.…

Oil Eating Animals

“The gulf is such a great fishery because it’s fed organic matter from oil,” said Roger Sassen, a specialist on the cold seeps who recently retired from Texas A&M University. “It’s preadapted to crude oil. The image of this spill being a complete disaster is not true.”

Growing Up?

Another heated debate surrounding vertical farming is presented to us via AlterNet. This post, by Stan Cox and David Van Tassle, both plant-breeding researcher at the Land Institute in Salinas Kansas is decidedly on the anti-vertical farming side of things due to what the authors claim is the sheer impossibility of vertical farming.
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Urban Apiaries

Increasing interest and activity in urban agriculture is exciting for human urban development and the greening, literally and metaphorically, of our cities. But more often than not animals in almost every capacity are left out of the conversation.
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Urban Aeries / PURCH;

URBAN AERIES / PURCH (Positioned Urban Roosts for Civic Habitation) – is a combined exercise in engaging other alternate-architects (specifically birds here) in the production of co-species habitations.
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What was lost along with the disappearance of animal life in urban centers? Clearly there were problems with the 18th and 19th century modes of urban animal life but surely there were benefits. How can we learn from past periods of beastly cohabitation? I think it would makes us all the more human.