Nicolas Primat


The second artists featured in INTERSPECIES-Artists collaborating with animals is Nicolas Primat. A french man, Primat (yes that is his real name) was the only living artist (he passed away in 2009 at the age of 42) to work directly with monkeys and primates.

“In Portrait de Famille, he is playfully swarmed by a tribe of squirrel monkeys, in Demo Bonobo, he established a relationship via sexual signals with a group of Bonobo apes and in The Making of Les Petits Hommes Vers he and his colleagues make a science fiction film with a group of monkeys.”

His work is also being shown in British Columbia at the Antimatter film festival. For more information on that show check out and for some sample video clips of Primat’s work (this was the best we could find on the web. If anyone out there has better links please let us know) visit

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