Kate Orff – Saving the Planet with Oysters

Late last year Kate Orff (of SCAPE) participated in the Rising Currents exhibition at New York’s MoMA. We missed the show but loved the projects. Kate’s project Oyster-Tecture is amazingly thought-provoking and strikes a cord near and dear to our hearts. Rather than try to explain the depth and brilliance of Oyster-Tecture we’ll let her do it — in the video from TedWomen.

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BRKT2 Book Launch @ ARCH

Bracket 2 examines physical and virtual soft systems, as they pertain to infrastructure, ecologies, landscapes, environments, and networks. In an era of declared crises—economic, ecological and climatic, amongst others—the notion of soft systems has gained increasing traction as a counterpoint to permanent, static and hard systems.
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Joyce Hwang’s Urban Ecologies

We are very happy to announce that Joyce Hwang, winner of the 2012 Animal Architecture Awards for her collaborative project Bat Cloud, has just garnered a 2014 Emerging Voices Award from the Architectural League of New York.

Bear 71

“It’s hard to say where the wired world ends and the wired world begins.” As part of the…