Well it finally happened. Animal Architecture was viciously hacked a few weeks back and this weekend, as we were attempting to remove the hack, we lost quite a lot of data; so you might experience some broken links. Fortunately, the good folks at Google had a back up cache of almost every post we lost and within under an hour we were back online. There are still a few posts missing — some of most recent and a few of the oldest. We’ll do our best to recreate the content but for now we’d like to focus on new info. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. If you discover broken links please bring them to our attention and we’ll  be faster and more secure shortly.

Ned and Jon.

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The Urban Rookery

Rookery: a colony of breeding animals, generally birds. A rookery is generally reserved for a colony of gregarious…
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Amy Haigh’s Interworlding Objects

London-based interdisciplinary designer and storyteller Amy Haigh has produced for her diploma work at The Royal College of Arts, London a series of clever objects that cross the species divide and question the anthropocentric as well as the ontological boundaries of objects in general.
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Buildings + Germs

... architecture and more specially buildings, are rather poor opponents against pandemics. Urban planning seems to have a shot, but buildings - their scale, their materials, their systems, are weak at best and more likely a fool's errand; wasting time, effort and money to combat a foe they cannot defeat at exactly a time when resources are slim.