Well it finally happened. Animal Architecture was viciously hacked a few weeks back and this weekend, as we were attempting to remove the hack, we lost quite a lot of data; so you might experience some broken links. Fortunately, the good folks at Google had a back up cache of almost every post we lost and within under an hour we were back online. There are still a few posts missing — some of most recent and a few of the oldest. We’ll do our best to recreate the content but for now we’d like to focus on new info. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. If you discover broken links please bring them to our attention and we’ll  be faster and more secure shortly.

Ned and Jon.

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Buenos Aires Vertical Zoo Competition 2010

While we might disagree with their claim to "organic cliff" and suggest something more like cactus, or termite hill, the basic idea of a highly malleable structure with variable porosity we think is right on track.
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Companion Species

Today’s cities, not only Western but cities in general, have almost no animal life in their cores, and if they do, it is strongly curtailed.
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A Monstrous Architecture part 2

"A Monstrous Architecture," is a serialized collaboration between Ryan Ludwig (previous contributor to Animal Architecture and Assistant Professor of Architecture at Syracuse University) and Ned Dodington. In 2011-2012 Ryan and Ned had collaborated on a series of posts title Architecture in the Darwinian Arena.

Tower of Nests

...best of all, one is lead to believe that over time the density of the structure will increase with all of the small materials brought along by the various inhabitants, growing thicker, heavier and stronger with the passage of life and time.