Gulf Coast Bioneers

We are happy and excited to announce The Expanded Environment’s participation in this year’s Gulf Coast Bioneers Conference. This year’s conference is sure to be an excellent event and boasts such speakers as Pliny Fisk, Glen Miracle, and many others. More information about the event and organization can be found here.

Gulf Coast Bioneers, a Bioneers Resilient Communities Network Event, is a local Houston event that supports building resilience from the ground up by showcasing and participating in local breakthrough environmental and social justice solutions while strengthening community bonds.

Event Details:

What: Gulf Coast Bioneers Conference
When: November 2nd
Where: 27144 Rock Island Road, Hempstead, Texas 77445

The Expanded Environment is a sponsor for this year’s event and organizing a panel from 1:30 – 3:15

Perspectives on Bio-inclusive Design

We are not the only species affected by rapid urbanization. As cities grow and densify an understanding of the complex urban ecology becomes increasingly critical. Yet this is but one dimension of life. What are the cultural, physical, economic and social implications of living in a biologically vibrant world? This panel, encompassing experts from architecture, engineering, art, and ecology will discuss ways in which our lives are shaped by our built world, enmeshed in a larger system and in need of alternatives for producing healthy, productive, and vital urban futures.

Speakers include:

  • Ned Dodington, Architect and Designer from The Expanded Environment
  • Tom Bacus, Managing Principal from Sherwood Engineers
  • Allison Hunter, a Humanities Artist in Residence at Rice University
  • Haldre Rogers, a Huxley Fellow in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at Rice University


More information at:

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