Favorite new Blog


Other than our own, which we really can’t seem to get enough of, our favorite new blog right now is Mammoth (not to be confused with betamammoth, though also a kinda cool site). Mammoth is slick new blog out of…well we’re really not sure where these fellas hail from, but we appreciate their style and the global scale of their postings. They’ve got stuff like high-altitude wind power, better flood prevention for New Orleans, and Ship Breaking in India (awesome post by the way…we might steal that). From the blog:

mammoth is an architectural research and design collaboration, currently between Stephen Becker and Rob Holmes. In this space, we write about things which concern us.Our interests include extinct megafauna, the production of urban space through the manipulation of infrastructure, landscape processes, and tactical architectural interventions aimed at forestalling the arrival of our inevitably dystopian future and/or ushering in a new era of global harmony.

Good work guys, and every one else, you should follow them. Looks like good stuff. Hit us back with a link if you read this.

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