Dearasis; Animal Inspired Architecture


Occasionally we feel it’s important for us to clearly differentiate ourselves from the others around us. And while we’re not interested in denigrating other projects we feel it’s sometimes useful to draw a line in the sand and say “this is exactly NOT the kind of architecture that interests Animal Architecture.”

We  came across Dearasis’s posting on Animal Architecture a few days back and true, it shows some interesting projects but (and maybe this does not need to be said to our loyal readers) they each remain at a level of literal engagement with their totem animal, perpetuating a culture of appropriation and fetishism that we explicitly try to explode. There’s a bigger story out there than these projects suggest. Learning from animals is important. We feel that learning to live WITH them is more so. Though, that hanging survival pod does look pretty cool.

What kind of architecture does interst Animal Architecture? We think the posts below will answer that question for us.

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What was lost along with the disappearance of animal life in urban centers? Clearly there were problems with the 18th and 19th century modes of urban animal life but surely there were benefits. How can we learn from past periods of beastly cohabitation? I think it would makes us all the more human.

Animal Architecture Class

Work with professional artists and architects from international art collective Delta Arts and the Geffrye Museum to create a temporary architectural structure inspired by natural habitat systems to be exhibited at the Geffrye Museum.

Man – Nature

After nearly two months of watching human animals (those working for BP) radically alter the gulf-coast ecosystem we…
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After more than 5 years of functioning as Animal Architecture we will be rebranding and reorganizing as a non-profit organization now to be named: The Expanded Environment. This change comes at a critical moment in the organization, within our collective thinking about the impact of Animal Architecture now and in the near future, and within the current climate crises around the globe.