Built for Animals

Bird Condo

Though we consider ourselves to be the official repository of all things Animal Architecture we can’t help but give some respect to the work being collected on Archello. Check out this link for a respectable list of animal architecture projects. Let us know which ones you find the most interesting and keep an eye out for some of the ones that you saw first on AnimalArchitecture.org

url: http://www.archello.com/en/stories?tag=Designed%20for%20animals

animal wall 0011


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Fritz Heag Wins Rome Prize

This year, among the many recipients is one of our previously featured artists, Fritz Haeg. We find Fritz's award particularly exciting because is recognizes his a-typical approach to practice and his unique focus on the habitats of other species as valuable to the practice of Architecture and Design. We first met Fritz at the Systems of Sustainability symposium at the University of Houston last year and have been closely watching his work since. Congratulations Fritz. This a great award for a so many reasons.

The Animal Art of Shannon Partridge

The principle of ‘behavioural enrichment’ is an animal husbandry tactic deployed to enhance the lives of captive animals, provoking thought and encouraging activity, by introducing variant stimuli to their otherwise static environments.

Pecha Kucha Talk follow Up.

Houston Pecha Kucha Vol. 3 was a big success. Thanks to Tony Medrano and all the attending guests for making it a fun and inspiring night. We look forward to doing it again!

Hive City Winners Announced

"Bee Tower" has been selected as the winning team for the very exciting Hive City Competition: “... the tower represent the cluster of material manufacturers around the site while housing the colony of bees.”