Built for Animals

Bird Condo

Though we consider ourselves to be the official repository of all things Animal Architecture we can’t help but give some respect to the work being collected on Archello. Check out this link for a respectable list of animal architecture projects. Let us know which ones you find the most interesting and keep an eye out for some of the ones that you saw first on AnimalArchitecture.org

url: http://www.archello.com/en/stories?tag=Designed%20for%20animals

animal wall 0011


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DesignGood Review

The good works of Animal Architecture has recently been recognized by the kind folks at DesignGood. DesignGood is an online community that shares the stories of the people, products and organizations making an impact around the globe through creativity and contribution.
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Being and Architecture

Rather than developing a robust theory or practice in architecture based on an inclusive attitude towards biology we have simply continued to reinscribe and strengthen anthropocentric ideas about the separation of “Man and Nature.”

Welcome to Alex Tseng

Welcome Alex! Alex will be traveling the world for the next few months and then take up his preceptorship in NYC with the notable firm of DS+R. During his travels he'll stop in here to say a few words. We think you'll be a great addition to the Animal Architecture team.