Poly_Lawn_Dale Update


Last week we mentioned that the founder and editor of Animal Architecture, Ned, had be selected from a competitive pool of applicants (by some kind of fluke of good fortune) to install a bio-art show at Lawndale Art Center, a local Houston art space. At the time we had very little information about the actual show but, as promised, Ned has allowed us a more clear picture (the one you see above) of what exactly he proposes to install.

He insists that the conglomeration above is still a prototype (”it’s always changing”). But we think it’s definitely headed in the right direction. He’s still a bit tight-lipped about the exact details but basically what’s shown in the image above is roughly 5 pounds of grass seed and sod suspended in nylon and hydrated with a medical IV drip of a light plant food + water solution. Prototype C is scheduled to go under production this weekend, and should be photo-ready in two weeks.

More information about the Lawndale show will be made available in the coming weeks as well. We do know, however, that opening day for the show is January 22nd 2010.

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