Floating Environmental Health Clinic


From Natalie Jeremijenko, one of our favorite and most popular advocates of co-species living, comes a fantastic new idea for a location for faculty office hours. In the clip below Natalie holds student office hours (she’s a prof. at NYU) while floating on the east river. Topics on the water range from water quality to species-diversity to gender studies. Can we enroll Natalie?

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Insect Homes

In the face of global pandemic it would appear that the health of our ecosystems, biodiversity and particularly our insect life is more important than ever. This post from 2014 is a reminder of just how simple, and fun creating a little extra biodiversity can be - especially for kids! Check out the links below for additional information on the design and construction of insect homes.
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Call for Works

We want to publish your work. Do you have a project that you think would look really sweet on The Expanded Environment? Are you interested in biology, architecture, ecology urbanism, interspecies art and various combinations thereof?

Interview with Ned Dodington

"I've had a twin obsession with biology and architecture for quite some time, probably more than a decade at this point. That interest has taken me to some extremes stylistically and theoretically with respect to my work but had never really felt fun or natural..."
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Weather Sites

Selected weather sites that stand out for their accuracy, visual techniques and levelheadedness.
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What was lost along with the disappearance of animal life in urban centers? Clearly there were problems with the 18th and 19th century modes of urban animal life but surely there were benefits. How can we learn from past periods of beastly cohabitation? I think it would makes us all the more human.